Christmas with the Bridgemans

Celebrating with Grams, Granddad and Great-Grammy Rose! What a fun day.  First things first, the girls went to check out the tree and took a look at all of the ornaments.


Next it was time to get started on some homemade items for lunch.  The girls always love helping out in the kitchen. Granddad asked Karyn to pour out some honey, I thought I would help her or else we might have had a mess.

photo (2)

Katie Lynn & Karyn helping Great-Grammy ice some cupcakes.


Next its time to help Granddad with the bread.  Katie Lynn loves to be Granddad’s helper, she really enjoyed pulling the bread and rolling it to make rolls.



Then its on to open some presents.  Katie Lynn and Great-Grammy Rose waiting to get started.


Karyn got a blanket from Great-Grammy Beth and she put it to good use by wrapping her Buzz doll up.


Daddy and Katie Lynn.


The girls sitting in Granddad’s red chair.  They love to sit in his seat, they sat there and then were calling out his name. They wanted to make sure he saw them stealing his seat.

photo (3)

4 generations in front of the tree.


Group photo:


We had such a wonderful day celebrating and are so blessed.


Christmas 2012

What a wonderful Christmas we had.  This year has been really good for us as a family and we have grown so much this year spiritually. Our church home and our Sunday school class have been such a blessing to us.  We have learned so much from our Sunday school families and it has made us closer and stronger as a family. Our focus this Christmas, as always, is Jesus and what he did for us.  It just warms my heart when we ask our 5 year old what Christmas means, and she says “its Jesus’ birthday”.  This season we focused on helping others and remembering the reason for the season.

We headed to church for our Christmas Eve service, our family was able to join us and watch the girls perform in the service.

Karyn sang a trio…by sing, I mean she stood there and didn’t sing a single word.

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The girls with Grams & Granddad.

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The girls with Great-Grammy Rose.

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The girls with Grandma & Heypa.

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After service we headed out to dinner and then to see Christmas lights.

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Once we got home, it was time for one gift and a story read by Daddy-O.


New PJs for our little girlies.


Daddy reading the Night Before Christmas.


Setting the cookies and milk out for Santa.  The girls were very excited! They both sat with Santa, talked to him and were very excited in hopes that they would get the bikes they asked for.


Off to bed the girls went and what did they wake up to?


Karyn came down about 530, which is normal and she comes right into our room.  Well this morning she came down and when she didn’t come into our room, I got up to check on her.  She was just standing in front of her new bike and just looking at it.  It was so cute, I don’t think she knew what to think.  I was able to get her to come lay down for a little while longer till sister got up.


BIKES!!! They were both excited to get what the asked for, it was a rainy morning so they took their first ride down the hallway.



Sweet Karyn, bed head and everything.


The girls got a game from Santa, this is a tradition from Tom’s family.  Every year Santa brings a game that the family can play together.

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Our rainy morning turned into a snowy afternoon and we had a White Christmas!! The snow was so much fun and this year the girls wanted to go and play.

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Lets play!

DSC_1736 DSC_1730 DSC_1720

Fast forward 2.5 days….the snow was finally gone enough that the girls could try out their new bikes.

I-Phone 278 I-Phone 280 I-Phone 282

We had such a wonderful Christmas and we are looking forward to enjoying walks with the girls on their bikes.  We are also looking forward to some family tennis games with our new rackets from Santa.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.



Christmas with the Seppers

All the girls in front of the tree.


Wonder what is in the boxes? Who can get it open first!!


Flying Turtles!!! The girls were so excited that they had to test them out right away.

Karyn was grinning ear to ear the whole time.


Racing away……


Everyone watching the girls have a great time.


Back inside to finish up…Karyn taking a dance break, she loves these things.


Heypa got a new TV set for Grandma.  Tom and his dad went shopping  a few weeks ago and we had kept the gift here at our house.  To say she was  a little surprised was an understatement.


All the girls…..

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and back at it again. They had so much fun before that they went back out for some more Turtle Flying fun.

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We had such a good time, we are so very blessed and look forward to our next gathering.

Christmas Season

It is that time again.  Time to get ready for the holidays and time to make some yummy cookies!!!  Each year gets better and better, as the girls get older they can help more and really get into helping.  I love seeing them make these cookies and have fun with it, it reminds me of my sister and I growing up and making these same cookies with my parents.  I still remember the year my Dad took over the dough making, it was just me, my sister and my Dad.  Not sure where mom was but when making the dough we were out of baking powder so my Dad used baking soda, figured it wouldn’t be a big deal.  Well, guess again, the cookies tasted different that year.  We still laugh about that year.  Such a fun thing to pass on to my daughters. Here are some pictures from the process.

Getting the dough rolled out and pressing out cookies. They loved getting to pick out which cutter to use.

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Karyn decorating her cookies, she got more icing on the cookies than in her tummy.

I-Phone 170

Katie Lynn making hers all pretty.

I-Phone 175

Tom helping get the trees and stars knocked out.

I-Phone 174

Monica worked on the snowmen this year.

I-Phone 177

All the cookies turned out so good and are super yummy!

I-Phone 178

After all the dough is rolled and there is not enough to make another good roll out, you can use the last of the dough for something special.  My parents always let us make our own “special” cookies and this year the girls were able to make their own “special” cookies.  They took their time rolling, squishing and then icing their own creations.

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