Christmas with the Bridgemans

Celebrating with Grams, Granddad and Great-Grammy Rose! What a fun day.  First things first, the girls went to check out the tree and took a look at all of the ornaments.


Next it was time to get started on some homemade items for lunch.  The girls always love helping out in the kitchen. Granddad asked Karyn to pour out some honey, I thought I would help her or else we might have had a mess.

photo (2)

Katie Lynn & Karyn helping Great-Grammy ice some cupcakes.


Next its time to help Granddad with the bread.  Katie Lynn loves to be Granddad’s helper, she really enjoyed pulling the bread and rolling it to make rolls.



Then its on to open some presents.  Katie Lynn and Great-Grammy Rose waiting to get started.


Karyn got a blanket from Great-Grammy Beth and she put it to good use by wrapping her Buzz doll up.


Daddy and Katie Lynn.


The girls sitting in Granddad’s red chair.  They love to sit in his seat, they sat there and then were calling out his name. They wanted to make sure he saw them stealing his seat.

photo (3)

4 generations in front of the tree.


Group photo:


We had such a wonderful day celebrating and are so blessed.